Become an On Air Personality

Looking to get on the air at Creek Valley Radio? Looking to help out in marketing or behind the scenes? Well now you have a chance! We are a fun place to be at as we do this for fun. We do this for the love of music and to share our tastes with those who are listening. We are a predominately 70’s and 80’s station but play music from the late 60’s through the early 00’s. When you do your on air voluntary shifts, we ask that you can do a minimum of one (1), two (2) hour a week show. We have a few time slots available for a dedicated show. If time frames you are looking for are unavailable, the possibility of being a fill in personality is possible. Just fill out the below application for your chance to possibly find out if you could be a fit at Creek Valley Radio. If we do indeed reach out to you, be prepared, as we will need you to submit a clip, one to two minutes in length, as if you were doing a show. Put your best effort into it so you stand above all the others! We need to hear your voice and not a two minute clip of a song. After all, listeners can go anywhere for music. We want them to continue coming here because of the fun, outgoing personalities of our on air personalities! That and of course the music too! For those looking at a behind the scenes position, reach out to us and we will get back to you to give you the details!